Saturday, September 19, 2009


I'm still missing u..
The sight of u make me miss u even more than b4..
Few times I tried 2 ask on how's ur life getting on, but I couldn't..
Cos I noe I hav 2 keep my distance from u..
To avoid misssing u more..
So dat I'll lead a better life..
Only by looking at de pictures of u will make me smile..
But smile sadly..
Dat's de worst feelings dat any1 could ever experienced..


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hmm.. 不知到为什么又开始想念你了。。。

加油!我一定要好起来。。 一定会做得到。。

Monday, August 3, 2009


At here, I would like 2 sincerely apologise 2 all my frens who hav been cold-shouldered or criticised by me.. Just now I received an email from iwei.. The title is Friends.. What is truely amazing is the song dat has been played.. All of sudden, an instant strange feelings overwhelmed me.. The song brought me back 2 de past and remind me of those days when I was close wif them.. It eliminate all the feelings of hatred and my grudges 2ward sum of them..

I'm feeling thankful bcos when I realised this, it's still nt too late 4 me 2 turn back.. As b4 this, I admit dat I do really tried 2 change 2 another person upon knowing dat I'm no longer dat important 2 u all.. And after all the things had happen, it make our distance more further apart.. This songs let me realise dat no matter wad happens, the memories of us still remains.. And it has the ability 2 delete all de bad things dat happens and make me miss those happy times dat we had went through 2gether.. The thought of it makes me miserably sad as time couldnt travel and those days can only be kept in our memory..

My dear friends, I'll treasure and cherish all de moments dat we hav now, as after this I dun think I'll hav much chance 2 see u all again.. Forgive me 4 being irrational and nt understanding b4 this.. We r Good Friends.. Dat is sumthing dat will never change.. Thanks 4 giving me de chance 2 noe the real meaning of "Friendship"..

Friends forever~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When the truth revealed...

Ever been in situation when every1 around is telling de facts bout a certain thing, then u're de only one who thinks dat u noe de best and try 2 explain 2 them dat things r nt true and as bad as wad they said.. In de end only 2 find out dat actually u're de only stupid wan who dun noe de real thing dat is happening.. Haha.. Yah.. What a fool I am! Making joke of myself.. Perfect! Great! Fantastic!

Fine.. I finally know it.. Getting 2 noe now is nt too late either.. Blame on my stupidity 2 actually believe wad has been told 2 me.. Yah.. Maybe I shouldn't hav give a damn at all..

"Trust no one"...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ever feel jealous over certain things b4? No need 2 think dy, the answer sure will be "of course"! I believe every single mankind in this world will hav this feelings b4.. A child will get jealous when his/her parents dote their siblings more.. A student will feel jealous when their teacher seems 2 adore other student more than themselves.. A teenager will get jealous when the one dat they like is behaving quite intimately wif other ppl of the opposite sex.. A husband/wife will get jealous when their spouse talks happily wif other lady/man..

Of course I'm nt gonna state the reason 4 all those mentioned earlier, bt I'm just want 2 focus more on relationship.. In a relationship, why do ppl get jealous? 1st and main reason is no other than care and love.. They love the person deeply.. Dat is why they care.. If nt, they wouldn't even bother at all.. Some of them r lack of self-confidence.. So they r afraid all the time dat they may nt be worthy enuf 2 de one dat they like.. So when the person they like is close to other ppl of the opposite sex, they tend 2 start worrying and getting tensed over it.. Especially when de one they like went out alone wif dat person.. They r afraid dat if this thing continues, then one day the one dat they like will be impressed by the others and fall 4 them..

Yah.. I noe it's true dat all the girls won't like this kind of guy.. But how will u feel when a guy dat u like or likes u won't even feel anything even when u're behaving quite intimately wif other guy? It seems weird isn't it? Maybe he trusted u too much, dat's why he can tolerate.. But this kind of guy is quite rare.. Or maybe bcos he feel dat if u wan 2 leave then leave lo.. He still can get better wan.. Guy get jealous over this thing is a normal case..This feeling of jealousy is already in our blood since we were born.. Cant get rid of it..

Of course, being too sceptical all de time is definitely not a proper way of showing our love towards them.. Cos this will eventually causes a great impact 2 our relationship wif the one dat we like.. This is very true.. In a relationship, TRUST is very important.. Bcos without it, a relationship will not last long.. 2 me, I still feel dat cant really put the blame on this kind of ppl only.. Bcos I believe dat the more they love and care, the more they'll get jealous.. Reason, maybe bcos they still think dat their relationship is still undergoing the process of achieving a stable relationship.. If in between they hav 2 face this kind of obstacles, they will certainly feel very insecure..

My advices 2 all the couple in this world is, "must accept ur other half's weakness and trust them.. Tell them ur feeling 2wards their action and slowly give them time 2 change.. Not everyone is lucky enuf 2 be 2gether wif the one who they like.. So must cherish every single moments 2 be wif the one dat u love"..

Even in friendship also.. Sometimes I do feel jealous why my friends seems 2 like other ppl more than me.. Is it bcos I treat them nt gud enuf or I'm nt as perfect as the wan they prefer?.. lol.. 2 be honest, this issue bothers me 4 quite some time dy.. Now, I'm tired of it.. I noe true frens r hard 2 find.. All the wan dat I hav met only prioritize on appeareances and those who r funny and playful.. Some r nt even reliable.. Haha.. Not going 2 care anymore.. Just gonna be myself..
I love myself 4 who I am!.. I believe one day I will meet wif the one who is really true 2 me.. And 4 sure he/she is nt going 2 be like u all(only refer 2 specific ppl).. Bcos God is fair..

Hmm.. "I'm a bad person.." Dat is wad I keep telling myself nowadays.. But.. Damn!.. If only I can be more cruel.. In order 2 survive and get into our current society, I guess hav 2 be like dat.. I'm starting 2 ignore how ppl looks at me or comments on me.. U gt prob wif me, then why de hell should I care? Come and confront me if u dare!.. But dun think u're so holy until dun hav weakness lo.. Hate the sight of sum ppl who feel dat they r always right and talks rudely.. Dun even feel like looking at u!.. Spoil my day and mood only.. See how I'm going 2 treat u later on..

Sigh.. Is this the step 2 become a bad person? I dun noe.. But I prefer this way.. At least I didnt get hurt.. It hurt others who deserve it..

Monday, July 6, 2009


Wonder why the heart still hurt when think of her...
If this is called as crush, then how long it will last?
If this is called as affection, then why it doesn't seems to fade?
If this is called as admiration, then why do my heart keep hurting?
If this is called as love, then how strong will it be?
If this is how it ends, then I rather choose not to begin in the first place...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The day where my worries start...

2nite see a lot of stars sparkling on the sky.. Feel so relieved as the cool breeze gently blows by my face which brings me a cooling effect.. 4 quite a long time didnt hav this kind of feelings dy.. Maybe bcos b4 this feel stressed over many things dat happened, mostly de unpleasant wan.. Ever since dat misunderstanding occured, I hav lose my faith in my frens and slightly changes my attitude 2wards de others.. Maybe can say dat I hav became more sensitive and would nt follow as wad they wish like I used 2 be b4.. The now me is more serious and less playful I guess..

Hmm.. This probably would hav cause some of them 2 begin 2 loathe me and maybe sumtimes angry wif me.. Bt who cares?? I feel the now me is okay ah.. More real and natural.. At least I dun hav 2 listen 2 them all de time and do as wad they wish.. My advices 4 dear readers, "U can tolerate ur friends most of the time, accepting their weakness and 4get the bad things they hav done on u.. But must hav "limits" 4 dat.. If tolerate too much and excessive concern bout them, they may look down on u and step on ur head.." I'm nt sure whether how true is this statement but one thing dat I noe is I prefer 2 be wad I am now although some ppl may nt like it..

Just hav 2 say dat, if u think dat u cannot accept who I am now, fine then u find others 2 be ur friend.. I dun really give a damn on it.. I would nt be "7-11" 4 u all like b4, 24 hours available 4 u.. That is very pathetic!.. I will be like dat, only 2 those who I really treated as close frens.. And also 4 those who I think is gud person.. So the wan dat I trying 2 keep a distance from u now, dun expect anything from me.. And make sure b4 u scold me or comment me, see how bad and pathetic u r 1st and ask urself wad right u hav 2 comment on me.. Or else dun blame me 4 being unpolite 2 u.. Very pitiful.. Wonder wif ur terrible characters, how r u going 2 face the society in future..

Hmm.. 2day is blood donation day in school.. Wonderful! Can help again 4 2nd time!.. Cos b4 this went 4 public blood donation day at leisure mall 2 help out also.. Sigh.. Cant donate blood, so de only way I can contribute is 2 help out during de blood donation.. And I dun noe why, really enjoyed it! Initially, didnt really bring any help 2 them, but when started, it gave me will and spirit 2 continue until de last 2 donor..

After school went 2 quite a number of places 2 buy the ingredients and items 4 the coming canteen day.. Of coz, nt only me alone but wif chin sean and also kontak's future 2 be AJK.. Reason of bringing her bcos she and her friend gt few ideas 4 the canteen day, so... Hmm.. We spent bout Rm110.00++ But we did bought lots of things although didnt manage 2 finish buying all dat we needs.. Feel bit ease as finally we hav decided on wad we're going 2 sell on the coming saturday.. And honestly, I did enjoy shopping 2day wif them.. Thanks 4 accompanying me and gave me few great opinions and ideas.. Really appreciate it.. Hope dat our hardwork will pay off.. And at nite, talk to 2 of my friends, kontak members.. Told bout the expenditure 4 2day..

Situation 1:(1st person respond)
"Har?! Rm100.00++?! Omg.. What u bought? U noe if me, I can gt a cheaper prices? My total sure will be Rm80.00++ like dat.. I wont spend so much like u.. Havent bought finish our ingredients already spend so much.. We sure will spend more than Rm250 if plus the rentals and etc... @%$#*@$%*^$#&^$%#%~~~~ Sigh.. Since already buy, cant do anything.."

p/s: If u're so capable, why dun u buy urself? Dun tell me ur mum or dad also dun hav transport lo.. It's all depends on whether u're willing 2 or nt.. Always try 2 push away when ppl call u 2 buy.. 我不爽!

Situation 2:(2nd person respond)
Har?.. Rm100.00++ ah? What u bought? I think hor since our expenditure so high liao, we dun use eggs in our burger lo.. At least will cut down de cost.. Hmm.. U sell so much ah? U think can sell finish? And de gas dat we use will be enuf? Or we buy 5? (I asked her whether she's angry or nt cos I spent so much, then she say...) Hmm.. No la.. It's consider reasonable bcos we bought a lot of things.. So now if plus on drinks, I guess will be around Rm200 la.. Since we bought so much liao, so now just hav 2 make sure dat everything is sell out lo.. So I'll calculate everything again 2moro.. (And b4 I said bye 2 her and hung de phone, she said...) Oh.. 真的是辛苦你们了.. 今天麻烦你们跑这样多趟..(sumthing like dat)
p/s: U're a rational and understanding person! Glad 2 hav a member like u! Hi 5!

So it shows dat ppl do hav difference.. I dun wan 2 comment on it.. I guess dear readers will get wad I meant after u hav read the conversation.. Hav 2 thank de 2nd person cos, bcos of her words, I feel more relieved and hav more confidence 2 carry out de plan on this saturday..

2day quite happy bcos gt 2 noe new friends! They r very friendly warm person.. Really nice 2 meet u.. But I'm starting 2 worry..............